Monday, November 9, 2009

You might be a Craft Addict if...

10: You think Michael's should be open 24 hours a day.
9: Your toddler's first complete sentence was "my mama made it."
8: You embroider everything in your house that isn't nailed down.
7. You prefer the smell of Mod Podge to Chanel Number 5.
6. You would consider having another baby just because there are soooo many cute tutorials for making tu-tu's out there.
5. At least one finger has a permanent scar from an unfortunate glue gun accident.
4.The sight of a 50% off sale on ribbon has been known to make you swoon.
3.Martha? Pffff...we don't need no stinkin' Martha!
2. A fine layer of glitter has permanently embedded itself into your kitchen table.

And the number one sign you may be a craft addict...

You paid more for your sewing machine than you did for your first car!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Christmas Ornament Wreath

It's official...I've got crafts on my brain right now.
I knew this would happen if I kept hanging around the blog world. I just didn't expect it to hit me so hard. I woke up this morning with wreaths on mind. Not just ANY old wreath, mind you. I wanted one in particular. And I knew I was going to have to make it.

I saw this on a blog last year and thought it was cute. What happened in the last 12 months to make me decide I wanted to do these myself can only be described as hormones erm, delusions of grandeur extreme boredom with the football season :)

So I went in search of supplies.

  • Jackpot at Big Lots- big tubs of shatterproof ornaments for $5.00.
  • Glue gun- check. I even had the glue sticks this time.
  • Big Christmas Ribbon- bottom of the decorations box from last year.
  • Wire hanger- uh oh. I didn't have a single wire hanger in my house. And wouldn't you know it was a Sunday and there arent' any open dry cleaners around here... so what's a wannabe crafter to do? Call mom! Luckily she had a few lying around. And to get them, all I had to do was to promise to make her a wreath, too. So to make this, all you do is bend the wire hanger in to a circle. Un-twist the area where the two ends meet so you can string the ornaments on. Now take your glue gun and pop the tops off the ornaments- put a dab of glue on the top and place the little cap back on. This will help secure the ornament so it doesn't fall off as you are threading it on the wire.

Now thread. And thread. And thread.

Every so often use a smaller ornament to help fill in the gaps. The wire will look fairly bare as you are threading. This is normal. Just pile on the ornaments- the more the merrier.

Every once in awhile have your daughter hold the wreath up to play with the positioning of the ornaments and to get an idea of how many more you will need to add. Smile when she tells you that you need more. Sigh. She's right... Add more, and more and more...

When you are finally pleased with the fullness of your wreath, twist the wire back together and secure with a small piece of florist wire. You will be able to cover this up with your bow when you are done.

Add your bow. Stand back and admire your handiwork!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Monogram Fall Door Wreath

This is one of those easy-peasy lemon squeazy Fall craft projects that even I can do! Thank you Nester and Thrifty Decor Chick for giving me the inspiration to go ahead and try. All it took was some spray paint, a pre-cut letter from Wally world (in the craft department), a left over fall garland, a length of brown ribbon and an eye-hook.

I started by spray painting the wood letter gold (it blew me away that they make spray paint in so many colors... I know, I was a spray paint virgin before today!) After letting it dry, I screwed the eye hook in to the top and secured it with a dollop of glue from a hot glue gun (optional).

I tied the ribbon through the eye hook and let it drop about 6 inches down from my garland.


fall wreath door hanger initial gold spray paint from wal mart

My one of a kind, personalized fall door hanger for about $5.00! Best part is I will be able to take the initial off and put inside a Christmas wreath when it's time.

Now- anyone have any ideas what I can do with 3/4ths of a can of gold spray paint?